Taxmate Australia will prepare and lodge an income tax return based on the information provided by the client. Taxmate Australia will not be held responsible if our client:

  • Has provided us with false, incorrect or misleading information
  • Has already lodged an income tax return themselves, whether it be in person or through a registered tax agent/legal representative
  • Has already received a refund
  • Owes the Australian Tax Office Money (In these cases we will immediately notify our client if there is a payable once their income tax return is assessed)

All income tax refund estimates given are subject to information provided to us by our clients and their respective employers. These estimates may differ to the assessed income tax refund as a result of changes in Income Tax Legislation, known income tax rates and final documents received (such as, PAYG Payment Summaries)

When our client completes and signs our tax documents, they are agreeing for us to prepare and lodge the relevant income tax returns and are also accepting our fees as outlined in the forms. Once your income tax return is assessed our fee will be deducted from your refund and the remaining balance will then be refunded to you if clients take Pay-on-Refund option. When there is an instance where a payable is due to the Australian Tax Office our fee will still be required to be paid by you via an alternative method. In the event where the Australian Tax Office sends the refund directly to our client instead of via us, our client will still be liable to pay our fees for the service we provided which resulted in the refund. If our client refuses to pay for the service provided then Taxmate Australia reserves the right to take legal action if required in order for us to retrieve monies owed. Payment is non-refundable if change of mind. Service may not proceed until full payment received.

Once we are in receipt of all documents Taxmate Australia will prepare and lodge your income tax return. If there are missing documents Taxmate Australia will attempt to obtain them as quickly as possible, however, Taxmate Australia will not be held responsible for delays in preparation and lodgment of your tax return in these circumstances.

Service standard time from date of lodgement is stipulated by the Australian Tax Office. Taxmate Australia have no control over these service standard times. The service standard (from date of lodgment) is as follows:

  • Prior income tax years is 7-14 days
  • Amendments is 28-56 days
  • Income Tax Returns lodged prior to the end of the financial year (i.e, Final/Early Assessments) is 42-56 days

If the ATO has huge volumes they may not be able to meet the normal turnaround times.

Taxmate Australia will were possible endeavour to keep our clients up to date with the progress of their income tax return lodgment via email (emails sent to the email address provided to us)

Once Taxmate Australia have received any moneys relating to our clients, our specified fees will be deducted and any refunds will be transferred at the earliest convenience. Taxmate Australia has no control over the fees charged by overseas banks when organising telegraphic transfers. Taxmate Australia will were possible notify our client when monies are transferred to their bank accounts.

At Taxmate Australia we are committed to respecting your right to privacy and protecting your personal information.

Taxmate Australia reserves the right to make any necessary amendments to these Terms and Conditions.